Significant increase in petroleum prices, how?

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The fastest way to cause a rapid increase in petroleum prices?

  1. Nuclear war in Mideast

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  2. Nuclear jihad in Midwest

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  2. The correct answer is "c"-----------CNBC should issue a sell-signal on the MYMEX energy contracts. Instead of using nuclear-tipped bombs, conventional warheads would work just as well. Better still, the USA can let Israel do the job.
  3. DrChaos


    conventional weapons would not do as well.

    New evidence shows where Saddam was during the bombings when he was making his tapes: central Baghdad, in the middle of his known complexes.

    They took multiple direct hits from bunker-busting bombs and missiles, but the lower levels were sufficiently well protected that there was virtually no damage, and Saddam walked out without a scratch.
  4. Despite all the sabre rattling, Iran hasn't done anything wrong (yet). As a signatory of the NPT, Iran is legally entitled to enrich as much uranium as needed for peaceful civilian purposes. There is no evidence of anything other than a power station.

    Iran have signed the NPT and there is no evidence that they have violated any agreements. India, Pakistan and Israel have refused to sign the NPT. There is something seriously wrong in the world.
  5. This is the exact environment and byproduct of an apathetic citizenry which has now lost control of their own government-----exactly what the founders warned us about.

    Both parties in this country no longer serve the nations best interests and the carnage of their pursuits are becoming more visible by the day.
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    I'm not suprised to hear that they are considering the use of nuclear weapons (for the purpose of reviewing strategic options), but actually proceeding with using them is an entirely different story. If the US wants to turn the opinion of the world against them, all it takes is a single deployed nuke.
  7. Do you really think that the US military would release it plans and intentions before they take action? Study your history, understand the art of war, maybe even read the book, and think a little bit, it's all just a poker game, and perhaps an effort to redirect Iran's focus.
  8. The world already hates us, what are they going to do...jump in their row boats and cross those great bodies of water and invade us? The fact is not matter what we do, we are always the villan! Everyone talks shit about the US, but when shit hits the fan....who do they call? That's right, it's up to the US to intervene.
  9. America! Fuck yeah! Coming again... to save the mother fuckin' day yeah. America! Fuck yeah!
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