Significance As A Trader

Discussion in 'Trading' started by AMT4SWA, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. Any time you think you are significant and you would like to know where you stand in this world, then please go to and click on to the section that says "Powers of 10" (small video presentation). :eek:

  2. Urantian


    Yeah, but... (check signature)
  3. AMT4SWA,

    i've posted that powers of 10 link on ET about 10x over the years; I LOVE IT! :cool:
  4. I have never seen the "Powers of 10" clip before anywhere. Interesting perspectives IMO.
  5. olintner


    Found in a report from the BIS (Bank for International Settlements, in 1999 there were more than 500.000 people trading Eur/Usd full-time for their private money, funds money, banks money or companies money.

    Any time you do a trade in Eur/Usd, you are up against them. Make money or lose money, I hope you still stay significant :)