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  1. Do signatures ever show on this forum? I have one and always click for it to show, but don't see it... Maybe I'm just blind?
  2. I think they disabled them a few years ago. Not sure why the option still exists.
  3. Pay a sponsor fee and you can say almost anything you want. :D
  4. Thanks for the tip. I may just do that. but where???
  5. Try clicking on ET "contact us" link. :cool:

    Also, the reason why the signature was removed was that too many non-sponsors was using it to post their website links or advertising anything about their fee-based services.

    It was also being used as a way to personally attack other ET members.

    Thus, ET managment got tired of hearing the same old story...

    I didn't know I couldn't do that..

  6. sim03


    Maybe because, curiously, signatures still show in PM.
  7. abruzzo9


    That was good, wasn't it....because i DID know i couldn't do that!