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    I did a search and it looks like this hasn't been addressed before. So I was wondering if you think it is a good idea.

    What about having people state what Software(s),Data provider(s), Broker(s) and other related services (trading signal companies) they are using in their SIGNATURE file? This would help some people (especially Forex newbie’s like myself) to better understand some posts a little better.

    For example: if people are posting back and forth about certain ideas and giving examples by importing a chart you can see what software they are using. Like when someone says they don't have more than 2 months history etc. Talking about certain TA tools or back-testing then you know where their coming from.

    If someone is selling a service, software, or belongs to a brokerage they need to disclose that first. I've noticed that some do and you can already tell, which is good.

    Hopefully everyone would adopt this, and the more that do the better. IMHO

    Any other suggestions would be appreciated on how to do this the best way.
    Put Software 1st, Data provider 2nd and Brokerage 3rd, can leave other related services blank.

    1. e-Signal: stocks, forex, commodities. 2. e-signal: for all
    3. ameritrade,CMS,Alaron (just go in order from #1).


    1. e-Signal: stocks, forex. TradeStation7: commodities. 2. e-Signal: stocks, forex. TradeStation7: commoditities. 3. stocks: ameritrade forex: gain commodites: xpresstrade


    AmiBroker: forex, commodities - DTN.IQ: for both - FXCM, Alaron Trading

    probably the best way;
    just use Software, Data provider and then Broker, and then just post other Forex info.

    1. Forex: Wealth Labs – QuotesPlus - FXCM
    2. Commodities: Gecko Charts – Gecko data – Alaron Trading
    3. Stocks: -
    4. Other related services: -

    - meaning none at this time or could just put None, or NO.

    I suppose could put a rating at the end of each out of a 5, but that maybe too much.
    Like: 1. Forex: Wealth Labs****– QuotesPlus*** - FXCM**** (hypothetical ratings)

    If there would be a way for the Elite Trader webmaster to set this so the fonts can be adjusted to be smaller, that would be great. Just in case this caught on then it would take up less space when viewing the posts. Repost to another area if it's deemed appropriate.

  2. It's a great idea. It'll take some time before you are jaded like the rest of us.

    Stocks - yes
    Options - yes
    Everything else - no