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  1. good? bad? what's the performance for their indexes trading? actually when i have to wonder what it is, instead of it being clearly posted I immediately suspect funny stuff.
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    I've been following (papertrading) their DOW signals for a few weeks. FWIW they report pretty good, but there are flaws. Today, to what I could see, they actually reported against themselves. They should have just been stopped out near the end of the day with a 14pt profit. Instead they reported a few stoplosses as well.

    I've tried emailing them a few times on different calls they gave, I have yet to receive any kind of answer back - I put it down to using their DOW signals which are free and not paying for their OEX or Nasdaq. Who knows ... :)

    To trade their DOW calls I guess you'd enter on YM (DIA also I guess) as soon as a DJIA signal was given - the slippage and difference' in points of YM and DJIA will probably mean a few extra points in slippage. I'm still not sure if it's something I'll do.

    I've been using $INDU to track their calls maybe I should use something else ?

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    You get what you pay for! NOBODY will answer you if you are not a paying SUB.
    His DOW signals are pretty accurate for resistance and support.
    I certainly would not depend on it as my sole technical indicator!
    The Dow is not a great indicator. S & P s are the way to go.
    There are many reasonably priced newletters with good research.
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    Ed (Dow)ns is super salesman too bad he decides to stick to his name sake instead of branching out to the more popular index.
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    I am from the school of thought that a courteous reply to a prospective customer might lead to a new customer. Some vendors might even be very responsive until they make the sale or get the subscription, but then less responsive afterwards. In my opinion, those that don't reply at all (not even a form reply!) have made the business decision that they aren't going to even try to use this opportunity to generate more business.
  6. he's a good salesman? thats all u can say about him???:confused:
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