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  1. Hello Everyone,

    The internet is filled with Forex services that give email or mobile phone alerts for their picks. Is there any service out there that offer email or text message alerts based on YOUR pre-defined trading points that you supply to the service?

    I think this would be helpful for those that have their own system and want to customize their alert info.

    Thank you for your replies in advance.

    Theo Boyd
  2. ssblack


    this can be easily done yourself, you just want to send alerts to your phone when your orders go through?

    what platform are you using?
  3. I am using FCXM..

    Thanks for your help..

    Theophilus Boyd
  4. ssblack


    can be done via FX Trek Deskop only, not intellicharts.

    hope this helps. you could also go through a different dealer as FXCM overall is a crooked place, but most retailers are. i know many of the Metatrader brokers are crooks, but there are a few good ones and i can easily do this for you via Metatrader. or you could just get Metatrader Mobile if your phone supports it, i think it's $45 one time for a lifetime license, and MT quotes are free.

  5. Many Thanks..

    I will try out these applications and report back my experiences.

    Thanks again.

  6. ssblack


    nice resource, thanks for the post.
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