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Discussion in 'Trading' started by accutrader, May 13, 2008.

  1. A trader who had been trading the eminis for many years and who was not making money recently posted a request for advice. There were 30+ pages of replies. While I did not read all the replies, I did not see any replies referring the trader to a signal chat room. Does that mean that out of all the chat rooms that give entry and exit calls, there aren’t any that give signals that are consistently profitable?
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    The only one worth a pinch of piss is Jack Broz
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    There a few decent ones with fulltime traders making a living. Probably 98% are run by fake traders. I have never used one, but know a couple of full timers that do, mostly to prevent boredom.

    I would never post the decent ones here, as you will be labled a schill by the bitter failed traders; which is also 98% of the population here.
  4. Stay out of chat rooms except for entertainment purposes imo.

    To learn to make your own "calls", this guys is the best I have come across in 9 years:

    Subscribe and he will answers all emails
    + gives additional help as well.