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  1. Hello, I am currently a trader who has been trading for the last 7 years full time as my full time income. I am thinking of offering my signals too other traders for a fee and I wanted to know if their was anyone who might be interested. I will offer a two week trial or maybe longer if needed to gain your confindence and trust. My plan is for this to be a higher end service with a select amount of clients. I will be charging $250 dollars to start and then $200 dollars for every 200 pips that surpasses 300 pips. If for any reason that I don't make 200 pips I will refund your $250. Im going to offer a set and forget system for those that can't be by their trading platforms. The only thing that I ask is that you have a ECN broker or a direct access broker so we are all looking at the same quotes. If you are interested or would like more information please send me a Private message or email pipstalker@live. com
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    Why don't you just open a managed account?

    Do you have a track record you could how us?
  3. Have you consider to let your signal tracked by

    Let may help to increase your creditability.
  4. Here is my results trading live for a couple months back trading one lot. Again I will give you a month free trial and will not charge if I make under 200 pips. I truly know markets and would like to help other traders become profitable. Plus it will give me some thing to do when every one is sleeping and Im staring at computer screens.::D

    Jan 820 pip

    Dec 863

    Nov. 1150

    Oct. 491

    Sept. 574
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    i have a signal service and you get the month of march free.
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    OP: first, you are officially a SPAMMER - read the board rules. Nice way to get started.

    Second, you should know that pip numbers alone are worthless, let alone over 5 months. What, February was not worthy of advertising or are you still "fine-tuning" the February results? What happened to "7 years"? More importantly, what about the entire risk/reward profile... drawdowns, both realized and unrealized... MAE... leverage and margin use... %, not pip, stats... holding periods and number of trades... etc.

    Third, self-reported pip numbers and pretty much everything else are doubly worthless. Your public credibility is currently ZERO, by default. Here's a novel thought (or not): set up a system vendor account on C2 ( or one of the other platforms (such as mentioned above) and let's see where you are in a year. Even that would be merely an imperfect indicator - feast your eyeballs on a system there called "positive forex."
  7. Couldn't have said it better myself!

    Sim, have you ever used Sharpe Ratio as a performance tool?
  8. I'm doing February for free.
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    Yeah, I have used Sharpe Ratio, even though it's got several serious drawbacks. Why?
  10. I really dont have the time or the need to argue with other posters. He did bring up a couple good points though. With a couple that were not."Pips are worthless was one that was not.LOL My drawdown is about 200 pips. And my trades hit 50% percent of the time but have a 2-1 win loss ratio. I do want to apologise if I did in fact broke any rules. I did not read the rules which I should of done. If anyone is interested I can give you my performance for the past 2 years. And Febuary I took out 920 pips.Sorry I just didnt update my excell sheet when I cut pasted.
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