Signal provider trader scam?

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    Hi, I am new to forex trading and wanted to get advice from experienced traders. I am being offered a forex trading service for a 25% commission. It involves linking my trading account to the signal provider. I am suspicious because during my registration with the signal provider I must input my password to my trading account. Because I have lodged a (very) small amount to my trading account using my debit card if I give access to the signal provider have they then got my debit card details?

    If it is genuine, how does the signal provider get paid their 25% commission?
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    They are all scams. Please don't do this.
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    Trade currency futures on CME. Forex bucket shops are nor real markets.
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    Thanks for your replies. It looks unanimous. Its a scam.
  6. u think . Stick with large reputable companies . oanda IG IB . only these
  7. Never rely on the signals of others. Develop your own strategy.
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    This guy has a Facebook account with over 3k friends. The Facebook page looks normal and i picked some of his friends at random and from the looks of it he is who he says he is. I have also spoken with him on the phone.

    Im not naive and i took it one step at a time until alarm bells started to sound.
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    A lot of these scams have plenty of following on various social or other media. Not saying you're naive or anything, just new like we all were at some point to the insidious depths and schemes these cons go.
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