Signal Provider legality

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  1. Hi just wondering if anyone here is already a signal provider on sites such as zulu, covestor etc and to discuss compliance issues a SP might run into with regulators such as FSA, SEC etc

    in zulu's terms and conditions, section 5 states the following:

    5. The Signal Provider's Exempt Status: The Signal Provider represents and warrants that it is exempt from registration as a Commodity Trading Advisor with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and that it does not direct or guide any customer accounts or provide trading advice based on, or tailored to, the commodity or Forex interests or cash market positions or other circumstances or characteristics of any customer. The Signal Provider further represents that it has obtained all required domestic and foreign governmental and regulatory licenses or registrations as may be necessary to carry out its obligations and duties under this Agreement, or is exempt from such registration or licensure.

    i am just a regular trader only trading my own money a IB futures account. i have traded some managed accounts for friends and family and recently i have read that laws have changed, effecting the "you can manage up to 15 accounts under the friends and family money rule".

    are Signal Providers on sites like zulu just normal traders like myself who are exploiting the up to 15 accounts rule or is that irrelevent. are they actually exempt somehow? and how does one achieve the exempt CTA status?
  2. They are not managing accounts or placing trades or advising trades and they are exempt under guidelines just like newsletter publishers, provided they do not give individualized advice or helping individuals one-on-one etc. It has nothing to do with Friends and Family. It is a completely separate long-established ruling for publishers only.