Sign the petition against extreme animal cruelty

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  1. Below is not to be tolerated!

    I wanted to vomit when I saw this video.
    Sign the petetion at against these practices!

    For everybody who is against animals abuse. This is real!!

    Look at the video on below link, If you are against animal abuse. Set your name under at
    the list and send this to others through the content in your next e-mail!!

    When 500 names are reached send it to the Peta Organization! Please help with this! , please send it to <>

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    Thanks for the heads up, Aristocrat. This is an absolute horror show that must be stopped !! Those f***ers should each be force fed their own left testicles a week before they're strung up by their feet to receive the same treatment.

    We need to get as many ETers as possible involved in this -
    signing the petition. that is ... not the left testicle thing.
  3. The current laws against animal cruelty are not sufficient in my opinion. Also, there are a lot of practices such as force feeding to produce foie gras that may be viewed as cruel by any rational person. Unfortunately, PETA is an extremist organization. They have supported ecoterrorists and are ran by a group of crackpots. These same individuals are also vehemently against seeing-eye dogs, hunting, fishing, consuming any meat from animals, etc. That is fine. Unfortunately, they wish to see such activities outlawed and infringe on the rights of people to choose such activities. Also, their own practices have come under question. They run a pet shelter in Virginia. They actually kill more dogs and cats than most shelters their size.

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    Jesus. I only made it thru a couple minutes, couldn't watch anymore when the guy started skinning that animal alive. Why on earth would they have to do it while it's still alive? Horrible.