Sign of Times: Demand for Electricity Plunges in U.S. (Industrial Use Down the Most)

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  1. The number of unemployed Americans is nearing 15 million (*note - Even by the admitted calculus of the Atlanta Federal Reserve President, if you use the broadest measure of unemployment, the number of unemployed is at least 24 million, and some economists have it pegged at 30 million) and prospects for the job market remain gloomy. Retailers just reported their 12th straight month of declining sales and many people are buying only what they must.

    Power consumption by the industrial and manufacturing companies that make everything from cars to cotton swabs has fallen faster than anywhere else — 10 percent this year by government estimates. Industrial consumption fell about 20 percent in parts of the Midwest, Carolinas and the South during the second quarter, utilities say.

    This pullback by some of the biggest energy users in the U.S. may provide a silver lining for millions of people and businesses in the form of declining or flattening utility bills....;_ylt=ArfsDPYHA9rHPMpMueuV2sh0fNdF
  2. Why the hell could I have guessed that this thread was started by you, BLSH? Don't you have something better to do on the weekend than post gloom and doom articles?
  3. Wahhhhh!!!!

    I made you read something that rains on your Kudlow boner!

  4. LOL... good one!!
  5. I mean I like hearing different viewpoints all the time, but when they're wrong I'm not inclined to pay that much attention to them.
  6. What is "wrong" or a "viewpoint" about electricity demand plunging?
  7. Look, I'm not disputing any of the facts, but you're just fear mongering here. The point is you come off as a permabear, and it's obvious you have a very short bias that I doubt has worked well this year.
  8. It's not a "viewpoint" at all, but rather a fact [alleged] about electricity demand.
  9. Obvious to whom?

    Personally, I think it's proper to be bearish on our situation, but bullish for now on the market as it's being gamed by the money pump.
  10. Um, we all know he's just trying to get the market to go back down so he can cover his short. Why else does he spend his time searching for bad news? Post some positive articles and have some more balance. I don't need links to reports telling me things are down from last year or two years ago, because I already know, and in the next six months they're going to get better, so constantly posting bad news gets old after awhile.
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