Sign of the Times: 20 Year Old Buys Home with just 3.5% Down

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Oct 22, 2009.

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    Well, there you go. Just like raising a child... if you don't let them suffer the consequences of their actions, they are doomed to repeat them.
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    I really did not need to see that. I think I just puked in my mouth a little.
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    Ugh. Can we just deport her please?

  5. Free money for the immigrants courtesy of hardworking Americans.

    That's the way the Democrats want it.

    Obama and his socialist clan are raping this country.
  6. There have been many articles in the Wallstreet Journal and other publications in recent past 08 regarding Acorn helping illegal immigrants to get gov't backed loans. Acorn was going so far as to go door to door in hispanic communities putting fliers on the doors offering help for illegals to obtain homeownership.

    Google it if you want to read further.
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    Barney Frank is still out there (YES TODAY, POST MORTGAGE MELTDOWN) pounding his chest, calling for more and easier loans for low-income families.

    If it wasn't true, you couldn't believe it.
  8. wow...2400 per month income and paying 1300 per month for mortgage? thats crazy! About 12 years ago, I was making about $2400 per month and paying $615 per month in rent but I had some months where I was having to borrow 100 bucks here and there from family. I'm pretty sure that she MUST have a roommate and this article is embelishing. With her weight, she must spent alot of money on food and I doubt she has ever made a month budget or even ever tracked all her expenses for 1 month.

    No way someone with $2400 per month gross income is able to make those payments unless she has no TV, no internet, no electricity, no gas and only eats rice and beans to live on (and judging by her weight we can guess she doesnt eat the bare minimum.
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    You must not have heard, that she's already made $100k on her house if she decides to flip.:D :D
  10. You are idiot, we need hard workers to pay for our taxes. We ought to import more people like her.
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