Sign of a top? Indiana Man Operates Oil Well in Backyard

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    SELMA, Ind. — It's just a drop in the global oil bucket, but an eastern Indiana man is operating an oil well in his backyard in an effort to capitalize on soaring crude prices.

    Greg Losh's rig produces three barrels of crude oil a day, though he told FOX News that he hasn't started selling it yet. For now, he and his partners are keeping it in storage containers.

    He declined to say how much oil they've collected in the two weeks they've been pumping.

    But as oil is going for about $127 a barrel on the international market, three daily would yield just under $400 a day for Losh on the global spot market — or 1/100,000 of the daily production increase the Saudis agreed to earlier this month.

    Still, in spite of those returns and the $100,000 it costs to drill a well, it's worth it to Losh considering the current price of oil, he told WISH-TV in Indianapolis.

    The oil his well produces comes from the Trenton field that fueled the growth of east-central Indiana cities more than a century ago, he told the station.

    He expects to drill four more wells soon on his property in the town of Selma about 55 miles northeast of Indianapolis.

    "It's a money maker. It is paying off," Losh told FOX.

    The oil is stored in a tank and transported to Ohio for sale, he said. His oil well also produces natural gas to heat his home and several others.
  2. I believe there are lots of these small wells all over. But I doubt it is anything more than a moneymaker. I doubt if it went down to $75 a barrel, that he would stop
  3. MACK----If that guy's name is "Jed" and his daughter is named "Ellie May", then it's definitely the top of the market. :cool:
  4. My grandmother has had a well operating 75 ft from her back door since the 50's.
  5. We're not talking about Texas. Everyone's grandma is a roughnecker in Texas.

  6. why would this be a sign of a top? it is just something that is economically feasible now. before the costs of transporting and storing the oil he would be able to pay for the cost of drilling the well in 250 days.
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    No, that's not a sign of a top.

    A true sign that the top set in is when your wife comes home from the grocery store/beauty parlor/pet shop and tells you that her girlfriend/checkout clerk/vet just bought a few of them thar oil futures contract thingys and that maybe we should get us some too. Because, you know there is only so much oil to go around and we could be making money just like sue ann/babs/mary jo.

    Then, and only then, is the top in.