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  1. Wow! How did I ever miss this one? Over the summer it was trading under 10 dollars and I looked at it, thought it was over-valued then. I think it traded at a P/E of 100 and the chart looked bad.

    Now its trading at nearly a 400 P/E and has quadrupled in price since the last time I looked at. What is powering this beast?
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    mental illness?
  3. I asked a serious question. The float is shorted 20% so Im not the only one who looks at this and thinks valuation concern.
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    Sorry...I don't know...good luck. Maybe institutions...they're always buying pure shit when it's the most overpriced.
  5. Hey Michael you can find out a lot about SIGM by typing it into search and reading about stoney's
    adventures with this stock. As for today's strength
    the key takeaways from yesterday's Jan Q and full-year results for SIGM were: 1) Jan rev exceeded consensus expectations 2) IPTV units exceeded expectations for Jan 3) Gross margin lower in Jan, guidance suggests around 50% 4) April guidance surprises to the upside 5) Co continues to reiterate that the competitive environment remains muted. Firm has increased their April and CY07 ests for SIGM, driven primarily by IPTV units. Their conviction regarding the strength of the Global IPTV roll-out remains strong. Firm believes it is more than likely that there is upside to their estimated global IPTV set-top box forecast for CY07. An additional 1% penetration in global IPTV subscribers would add $0.03 to firm's CY07.

    >> it's all about IPTV with these guys and they are sitting in a sweet spot. Of course valuation is a concern my fair value was $31, some people are talking much higher-- with the books in question I am unwilling to buy above $30. At $27-$28 it may go back on the board.
  6. I sent you a PM, what other stuff you looking at. Should I just use the search function and try to track you down or will you give me the short list now? Thanks;)
  7. I'm circling GMKT like a vulture.

    $15.40 support / stop if you're a fradie cat

    $15.80 buy point (haven't checked it yet today)

    Very HIGH on AMSC now. Looking for solar but unable to find value these guys are wind.

    Thinking about Casino stiock LVS

    If you just buy GMKT / AMSC / LVS you should do very well. I'd put a financial stock or two in there after yesterday.