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  1. I love days like today...


    I hope everyone else is enjoying this as much as I am...

    Sell it, baby!!!
  2. acrary


    Nice to see the indexes aren't trying to close the gap.

    Thanks G7!:p
  3. I will be in complete state of a disbelief if gap is not closed today( price will not reach Friday close )
  4. Remember that's how the rally started off the October 2002 lows-- 2 or 3 gaps up that went unfilled. It'll be interesting to see what happens...
  5. time for disbelief, wally...

    days like this make me SMILE :D

    great point, btw PF...it really gave me some food for thought...and you have been right so far!!

    let's see if we can hold 1015 for today...i bet we can...
  6. Mecro


    Too bad the NYSE listed cannot move like that.

    Need to start trading ES
  7. In all fairness to Walther the Naz closed the gap....but today...whooooohahahaaaaaa
  8. A very real possibility, especially with 40 day moving average support coming thru there.

    1007 Pivot Support though.
  9. The moment of truth is coming for the SPY, with the 40 day MA coming in tomorrow at 100.89

    Stay Tuned.

  10. Monday's indexes gaps close by Tuesday noon in 80% of the time. If not then it is .. whoohaa and sometimes it is .....whoooohaaaaaaaaa
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