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  1. tampa


    I don’t post here very much anymore- do you? In fact, I don’t spend a lot of time reading the threads – nowhere as much as I once did.

    Maybe it’s just me, but I am tired of the constant cheap shots, know-it-all crusaders determined to save me from myself, and the still wet behind the ears “Prop Firm” boys. The scintillating polls are also a bit much, as are the awe inspiring threads asking questions such as: Any one know of a good system?

    I would also be remiss if I failed to mention the number of mouse wheels I’ve trashed scrolling through the 2,641 different special interest threads – hey Baron, how about a thread for left-handed, nearsighted Oats traders who live west of the Mississippi but north of Tuson?

    OK, I’ll admit it – I’m just pissed that it once took most of the weekend to catch up on all the “good stuff” – now it takes the best part of an hour just to find that there ain’t no good stuff to read...(sigh)
  2. what do you mean there isnt any good stuff anymore? didnt you see the thread about the dickless horse winning the derby!??

  3. and all this time i thought you were out sailing on your yacht.

  4. LongSnot


    Speaking of dickless horses . . . :-\
  5. Magna

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    While this may well be true, I somehow feel absolutely compelled at this time to ask, "Anyone know of a good system?" Ummm... PM me... I won't tell anybody... Promise... :)
  6. LMAO:p

    So tampa is the guy screwing with the price of my Breakfast Cereal!!!
  7. LongSnot


    He's more likely the guy grabbing the free prizes from your cereal boxes. :-\
  8. Yeah I can send you one.

    Personally, I'm going to start a thread blaming the NYSE for everything.
  9. qdz5


    N.Y.S.E. stands for Now You've Seen Everything.

    Don't forget to mention the S.E.C. (Scamming Expletive Crooks) in your thread. :p
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    Seems to me that the responses to this thread are exactly what Tampa is referring to. Hmm...
    #10     May 13, 2003