sigh..not again

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  1. can't even get a rebound rally

    all the premarket buying fizzles by 7:00

    Dow was up 38 point and now only up 2

    People need to stop selling.
  2. People sitting on their stocks hoping that they turn around usually doesn't create good quality market bottoms. Need a washout.
  3. Vix need to spike above 30 again?
  4. 35+

  5. Some might not like what I’m going to say and I mean no disrespect.

    I think it has to do with Obama and the Jewish financiers on wall street.

    These guys are not going to stick around and see of he’s really sympathetic toward them.
  6. Allen3


    Not saying I agree with the Jewish thing so much as anyone making money from US markets aren't going to stick around and find out what happens when he's in. Already started their talking points about nationalizing companies and industries this last week. I've been thinking the Obama team wants the market bad in the run up. I know it goes against the markets always up during election years, but it seems to solidify Obama's base around the free markets don't work mantra. How else to get a communistic agenda through in a free market culture. Fear and greed. He'll save the economy, jobs, energy, health care, child rearing, weather... you just turn that all over to the government and wala. The perfect world. Sounds stupid unless your worried about all of the above crashing in on you. My 2 cents. I've been out of long term longs for quite a while now. Not seeing much to get me to rethink yet.

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    its a bear market along with a recession, what else would you expect after the biggest credit crisis in history.....
  8. and the biggest bubble (housing) in the history of mankind..
  9. Why are the spooz and QQQQ futures down so much in AH?

    NM they recovered. This market needs to have one of those 3% rally days. maybe the fed will cut?
  10. Futures crashing because of the ol' 4:AM european dump
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