SierraChart vs Quotetracker with IB TWS

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by fengshui-123, Sep 20, 2005.

  1. which is better?
  2. It depends what you like and what type of thing you trade.

    I used to trade stocks and liked quotetracker.
    I now trade futures and prefer sierrachart.

    But you probably need to try them and find out what seems better to you. They do different things differently/well and people seem to either like one or the other.
  3. In quotetracker you are able to define the pricedisplay in fixed range candles. For instance each candle has the length of 10 cents. The time price spend in a individual candle may differ.

    Does Sierracharts facilitate these type of candles?
    Can you remove spikes in price and spikes in volume?

  4. Yes (two types of range chart with slightly different formation rules) and Yes. :)
  5. Thanks for your promising reply.

    Then it is time to support the p+l of sierra:mad: :D

    What are the SC limitations an ambitious sierrachart/IB newbie must be aware off?

    What amount of time will it roughly take for this newbie to develop 3 medium difficult different tailormade charts:
    1-correlation of 4 instruments
    2-fixed time candle 1 instrument with tailormade volume indicator
    3-fixed range chart of 1 instrument

    Does SC supports raw times and sale display?

    Thank you