SierraChart users- need your help!

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by wally_, Mar 13, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    I need the March ES contract one minute data in the format that SierraChart can handle (ASCII or otherwise). The data should be from at least 9:00 to 16:15, the all day data is fine too. It should be complete, so the myTrack data is preferable as opposed to IB data which may not be complete.

    I will not be able to get this historical data from my regular provider until some time next week. I would like to get it by this weekend so that I could finish working on my latest mechanical trading system faster. I will present the results of my study on ET.

    I would be happy to reciprocate it with the 15 min ES data for the last 3 years (2000-2002) in the ASCII format suitable for SC.

    I would greatly appreciate your help. If you would like to help me please contact me at

  2. I am working on is very promising judging by its results for February and the first week of March. However, my data for January is not very complete because of IB disconnections in that month and so I cannot use it for backtesting.

  3. From a fellow befriended trader, who also helped me out before in a similar matter, so please do not send me any email regarding this.