SierraChart, must be missing something

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by tradersaavy, Dec 4, 2002.

  1. OK, what am I missing here. Just got SierraChart up and running but can only see data from, well, when I got it up and running. Use IB for data. How is one suppose to trade from this type of data. Where's the trend from 6 mo ago ? :confused:
  2. No historical data from IB. SierraChart will collect and store data from IB while it is running. Go to another data source such as mytrack, pay for a month and load up whatever historical data you want.
  3. Got to use for data service if you need historical data . $55 a month i think
  4. That's the problem with using any charting program that uses only a streaming quote feed (like IBs) instead of using a full feature datafeed.

    Sounds like a great idea - not having to pay for a separate datafeed if you use IB's quotes - Wow, great, what charting programs can use IB? Oh, wait, where's all that historical data (or forget historical, how about the price data from yesterday or even just an hour before you start the chart)?

    You get what you pay for (or maybe that should be you don't get what you don't pay for).
  5. Yep. Thanks for the replies. I've already cancelled IB's data and switched to a trial with Esignal. It seems decent so far. Trying to figure out how to enter Eurex futures symbols though.
  6. It might not be such a good idea... give myTrack a try, it's only $55 a month with SierraChart, at least half of what you will pay for eSignal. Additional data can be bought for less than a monthly subscription to eSignal. BTW, I don't know if myTrack suports Eurex, but I would guess it does.
  7. yes myTrack has Eurex
  8. prox


    Sierra is meant to be a low cost alternative ..

    $40 for 6 months for the software, $55 a month for Mytrack if you want historical data or free with IB.

    where as, something like Ensign is $40 a month plus $110 a month for Esignal
  9. Another possibility is myTrack + AIQ Trading Expert Pro for around 100$ / mth Eurex and CME Limited fees included.

    I have seen messages on this board regarding the poor quality of the Eurex data feed in E Signal. The Eurex data feed in myTrack is very good (except for bunds).