Sierrachart annoyed with data fees and intend to rock the boat

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    Bring it on :)
  3. When they file with the CFTC let us know. It will be curious to see what they do for clearing.
  4. IEX, LMAX provide less predatory platforms for traders. if SC can do the same for futures, that will be fantastic. hft predatory methods / 'preferential' access to info is so blatant that a retail trader like me can even spot it on his home pc. why the hell does my order keep getting leaned on. how the hell is there a price surge milli-seconds before a major news release timing.

    politics. those who are in the game, pull the strings. it's just a business of established relationships. this will be a hard one to overcome. IEX had the backing of big funds who are more than happy to provide liquidity. I wonder how SC is going to provide liquidity in their futures markets. surely SC will see hft entrants at the beginning to arb off any inefficient pricing. let's hope SC does not succumb to become another hft friendly exchange, in their fight of expensive exchange data fees
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    you will be making and losing thousands of dollars a month if you trade futures

    I can't see what difference a $100 -$400 fee makes tbh
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  7. They lasted about a year. Burned millions and there are still Eurex execs having their wives start their cars. After all this is Chicago. Let us know when they file with the CFTC. They will be unable to clear CME so the products won't be fungeable. They're doomed on arrival ! CME may even cut them off. Unlikely they'll file.
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    Say you make $8000 a month...$400 a month in (unnecessary?) fees is 5% of your gross.

    Put it another way, would you be happy if there were additional monthly taxes on trading profits and losses of 5%?
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    ....the cartel are in the driver's seat?
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