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  1. I subscribed to Sierra charts yesterday and cancelled today.
    I'v never seen so much confusing and useless features.
    I,m in the free week but they are still charging $7 to cancell.
    I am keeping Medved Quote Tracker.
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  2. Try the Sedona Method... :D :D

    I have been using SC for about 2 years, good enough for trading.
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  3. Gary777


    Kiwi can I ask which of your dlls I should use to get those color changing price bars in the above chart examples?

    #13     Jul 14, 2005
  4. Its not in any of them at the moment. I am in the process of upgrading jprice.dll to include some extra mappings of functions from one timeframe to another. Do you want me to include the coloured price bars (basically change colour if one exceeds the previous inner swing by X points and its not an outside bar).

    And to Johnny Appleseed. As someone who has used QT, Metastock, Tradestation, Ensign and a few others I can assure you that each new one feels hard for a couple of days --- or weeks. Sierra is no harder. I also really can't imagine how you are going to get charged $7 for your free week --- you will be the first if you manage it.
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  5. Gary777


    It would be great if for example you could have a red bar if it has an equal or lower high and a lower low compared to the previous bar.

    A green bar if it has an equal or higher low and a higher high than the previous bar.

    Every other bar to be a third user defined color.

    The more customisable the better. I've seen some Fibonacci Trader charts that have these color changing bars and they are very helpful for spotting trend changes.

    #15     Jul 14, 2005
  6. LOL. Gary, it might be but I will have a look at it next time I feel a real urge for a challenge. Here is the code which you can modify if you want but, at this point, I will just be transferring the version I use accross to one of the public dlls.


    void __declspec(dllexport) pbDirection7(struct s_sg &sg)

    sg.GraphName="Direction 7";

    if(sg.ArraySize<100) return;
    sg.InputNames[2]="Paintbar (0), Up, Dn, Out";
    if(sg.Inputs[2]!=0) sg.UsePriceGraphStyle=1;

    int pos,start;
    int updown=1,highestlow=0,highesthigh=99999,lowesthigh=99999,lowestlow=0;
    float h,l;

    if(sg.Inputs[4]==0) start=sg.ArraySize-150; else start=30;

    for (pos=start; pos < sg.ArraySize; pos++)
    sg.SubGraphDataOut[0][pos]=0; sg.SubGraphDataOut[1][pos]=0;sg.SubGraphDataOut[2][pos]=0;sg.SubGraphDataOut[3][pos]=0;

    h=sg.BaseDataIn[1][pos]; l=sg.BaseDataIn[2][pos];
    if(updown== 1) {if(l>highestlow)highestlow=l;};
    if(updown==-1) {if(h< lowesthigh)lowesthigh=h;};
    if(h>lowesthigh+sg.Inputs[3]&&l>=sg.BaseDataIn[2][pos-1]) {updown=1; highestlow=l; lowesthigh=h;};
    if(h<=sg.BaseDataIn[1][pos-1]&&l<highestlow-sg.Inputs[3]) {updown=-1;lowesthigh=h; highestlow=l;};

    if (updown==1)
    { if (sg.SubgraphStyle[0]==1)
    {sg.SubGraphDataOut[0][pos] = sg.BaseDataIn[1][pos];sg.SubGraphDataOut[1][pos]=0;sg.SubGraphDataOut[3][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[2][pos];}
    else {sg.SubGraphDataOut[1][pos]=0; sg.SubGraphDataOut[2][pos]=0; sg.SubGraphDataOut[3][pos]=0;}}
    else if (updown==-1)
    {sg.SubGraphDataOut[0][pos] = 0; if(sg.Inputs[7]==0) sg.SubGraphDataOut[1][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[1][pos]; else sg.SubGraphDataOut[1][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[2][pos];sg.SubGraphDataOut[3][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[2][pos];}

    } else
    if(sg.Inputs[2]==1 && updown== 1)
    { sg.SubGraphDataOut[0][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[0][pos]; sg.SubGraphDataOut[1][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[1][pos];
    sg.SubGraphDataOut[2][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[2][pos]; sg.SubGraphDataOut[3][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[3][pos]; } else
    if(sg.Inputs[2]==2 && updown==-1)
    { sg.SubGraphDataOut[0][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[0][pos]; sg.SubGraphDataOut[1][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[1][pos];
    sg.SubGraphDataOut[2][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[2][pos]; sg.SubGraphDataOut[3][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[3][pos]; } else
    if(sg.Inputs[2]==3 && h>sg.BaseDataIn[1][pos-1]&&l<sg.BaseDataIn[2][pos-1])
    { sg.SubGraphDataOut[0][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[0][pos]; sg.SubGraphDataOut[1][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[1][pos];
    sg.SubGraphDataOut[2][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[2][pos]; sg.SubGraphDataOut[3][pos]=sg.BaseDataIn[3][pos];};
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  7. Gary777


    I've written a few DLLs before so I'll give your code a try.

    Many thanks.
    #17     Jul 14, 2005
  8. cmk


    They charge you $7 to cancel a free trial??

    No way on earth am I paying for that.

    When it comes down to it I would rather use IB charts than SC, at least i can get something to work on IB.

    SC is way to confusing for people who dont have or want to have the time to sit down and tinker with it for hours.

    If someone can set me up with what I want in 10 minutes fine, but I have not found that in SC and will not be subscribing.
    #18     Jul 14, 2005
  9. SC,

    LOL. They don't charge anything for the free trial ... its free.
    #19     Jul 16, 2005
  10. Updated Functions:

    found at

    I have removed the old tick and volume chart functions from jprice.dll If you still use them just make a copy of the old dll called, say, jpriceold.dll and then change any function calls to jpriceold.xxxxx.

    For those who want to Name their Study Collections I have added a copy of Anonymous's ID Function. I have added the ID function to kiwissstuff.dll. You call this function (using a Custom DLL Study) kiwissstuff.ID and make it the first study in a region. It will then show you whatever name you put in the text input field of the Technical Studies window. You can select the colour for the label.

    For those who want up, outside and down bars marked on their charts I have added jprice.pbDirection7. This function changes from up to down when a non-outside bar prints X ticks below the swing. Experiment with it to figure it out but you can vary X.

    For those who want to show indicators from one chart timeframe on another (this only works for a faster timeframe than the chart you derive your indicators from) I have added the following functions:

    SoF - shows the slow bars on the fast chart as price bars
    SoFbars - shows the slow bars on the fast chart as background bars
    SoFMA - shows the 34ema with colour changes
    SoFMA2 - shows 2 emas
    SoFStoch - shows a slow stoch using the sierrachart type zero (ema) smoothing
    SoFTime - shows the current time on the slow chart on the fast chart (as a value)

    In all cases they default to looking at Chart #1 for the slow chart so I recommend setting up your multiple timeframe setup with the slow chart first then adding the fast ones afterwards. Any mix of times, volume and tick values is possible. I recommend that all charts use the same number of days for the chart or you may have problems.

    A new study collection SoF.StdyCollct that uses everything but the time function (and uses kiwissstuff.ID and jprice.pbDirection) so that you can see how they are applied.

    Two new functions to kiwiext. The Katsanos FVE and VFI functions. These are better OBV type indicators and you can find some discussion of them at:
    #20     Jul 16, 2005