Sierra Charts trade from the screen?

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    I used up my free trial years ago and can't get into the software to learn about it.

    Does Sierra Charts have a screen trader like Ninjatrader does? I like Ninja's point and click ordering and the position P&L view too. I can move stops with the mouse... Sierra Chart's website is... well... it's awful to me, I can't sort out the features and I can't get into the free trial and I don't want to pay for it just to find out what it does.. maybe somebody here uses it and can fill me in on ability to trade with the mouse from the screen, not referring to DOM just charting and point and shoot ordering and ability to move stops with the mouse...
  2. You can find the features here:

    You can absolutely do everything you want. You can trade from the charts. You can see your current position on the chart. You can move any working order from the chart. You can also trade from the chart by using a price ladder on the right side as well as clicking on the main chart area.

    You can request a new trial here:
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    That software is a power tool. I have not used it in a long time but I'm going that way...
  4. Charting tools is like new model year cars hitting the always have the urge to go out and do some test driving! :D

    So......does Sierra have cumulative delta (bid/ask volume studies) tools that can be ploted as candlestick? Also, can you overlay indicators onto the cumulative delta candlesticks plotted from the cumulative delta data (like MA's for instance)?

    TIA :)
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    like so?
  6. I see the bid/ask panes, but I was going to see if the bid/ask delta can be shown "cumulative" and as candlesticks like this............. (in the second "VB" pane below price)
  7. The simple answer is that you can do it. SC has a pretty complete interface to C++ so you can do anything and do it fast. You can also create synthetic charts and can map one to another so you can probably emulate most irt stuff.

    Funny thing about all that irt stuff is I wonder how many people make money with it. I recall some friends who were using it a year or so back but the bugs were driving them nuts. And I think they went back to more conventional MP trading strategies over time.
  8. I guess I am lucky.....I just don't get any bugs for the portions of Investor RT that I use and I LOVE their delta tools!
  9. They've probably worked the bugs out of them by now - it was the market delta stuff that they were trying to use. At the time they didn't find md to provide the edge they were expecting.

    What sort of trade time lengths do you find delta to be useful for and (generally) how do you use it / is it useful.
  10. I use MD in a wide variety of timeframes......several tick renko & range bar charts up to higher timeframe 20 + tick range bar charts. I track key S/R levels with the bigger range bar charts and use the shorter timeframes for entry set up charts.
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