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  1. I've been using Sierra with a Rithmic feed for some time and it has been an A+ combination for me. Recently my bars are off and the combo just is not working. I suspect the data is spot on but it is something in the connection with Sierra but they are not being helpful.

    I can switch to MultiCharts and keep my Rithmic feed at an all-in-cost that works for me. Anyone have any suggestions on getting to the bottom of my Rithmic/Sieera problem or, alternatively, does anyone have an opinion on MultiCharts.

    I need spot on charting and order execution only. I will not be using the platform for any back testing.

    Thanks ...
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    I passed on Multicharts after technical issues testing the new mc7 and mc7 does not have cumulative delta volume. Sierra Charts has delta standard and so far I have not heard anyone mention tech issues with rithmic feed. You may have a broker side server issue - what is your broker saying?
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    I'm kind of surprised that Sierra's support board isn't more help. Seemingly, if one cooperates with them, sends them the logs when they need them, etc.. that they follow through with support quite nicely.. They make changes to the software in response to support board topics in just a few days sometimes!!
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    If the real-time source is different than the historical source then it is expected to have chart differences. I would ask them where the historical data source is coming from.

    NinjaTrader does support Rithmic through Vision Financial Markets and any of it's IB's. The historical data provided through NinjaTrader is recorded from the Rithmic real-time data feed.
  5. Everyone is pointing the finger at someone else. Sierra's knee jerk was its not us, my broker claims Rithmic connects directly to SC so it can't be them and Rithmic is working on it.

    The only saving grace is that I'm not trading these past 10 days due to other pressing concerns. Any opinions on MultiCharts. I can easily switch to them.

    Thanks, all!

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    I run a Rithmic/ZF feed in one instance of Sierra, and a CTS feed directly below it - also in Sierra, and haven't noticed any differences lately.

    What is it doing that you are unsatisfied with? I.e., what does "bars are off" mean? Inaccurate - as compared to a different data feed?

    Just as an FYI, you don't have to "switch" to Multicharts. You can run both MC and Sierra on the same machine, just not simultaneously (I do). All you have to do is fill-in your Rithmic login info, and setup the symbols you want in MC QuoteManager, and you're off & running.

    I would consider running Multicharts to see if you're getting the same type errors through it that you're getting through Sierra. If you are, then it's something on your local machine - firewall access or something. If not, then it would seem to be a Sierra or Rithmic problem.

    But if that were the case, it would definitely have to show up on more people's machines than just one.

    I personally haven't had a problem with the SC/Rithmic(ZF) setup, and can confirm its accuracy due to the 2nd simultaneous feed (CTS). My screens look identical, and the fills are what I expect.

    Is anyone else out there having any issues with this setup? Or possibly operating with no issues at all?
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    Also, are you running Sierra version 795 or higher ? (current version is 797, and prerelease is 798).

    Here's one of the bullet-points from the "What's New" page of SierraCharts at the 795 update:

    " - Resolved a program freezing/deadlock problem that occurred under certain conditions when using the Rithmic Trading platform service. This issue arose with the recent changes to market data processing." .

    The 795 release date was Nov 22, this past Tuesday, btw.
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    there is a 'free' version of the MC you can download and use as long as you dont use any new indicators.
    Run it and try it. I do no have a rithmic feed so i cannot confirm/deny it
    Perhaps you should try with the latest version of Sc as per others suggestions.
  9. It is a lot more likely to be a feed issue than a charting issue, especially if rythmic have different feed options. Also, possibly one broker is entirely off one server and another off a different one so one persons good experience might not guide you.

    I presume you're using something like Dimension 4 to make sure your machine's time is 100% - not sure if that impacts the SC/R combo but worth checking.

    If your time is good and the issue is real then the free multicharts option would seem a good way of proving the problem. At worst that would let you go back to Sc support with an "if I use xxx exactly like this ... then it works but ..... you get the rest" Evidence is always good when so many things can cause issues.
  10. Turned out to be the feed. Rithmic has fixed it and did a good job on customer service. My time was eaten up with a serious family issue which is now resolved but Rithmic and Deep Discount/Crossland crawled all over the problem once I had the time to work with them. I'm consistently impressed with Howard at DeepDiscount Trading.

    My thanks to all here for their advice. Downloading MultiCharts today to see if I like it.
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