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  1. Is there a way to view full day information on a 1m, 5m, etc. Later in the day when you go down to these small timeframes you only see a portion of the day and have to scroll back to view earlier chart information. Can't see important support/resistance. Looking for a good futures chart program with data from IB. Important features needed: intraday info, quickly switch timeframes, calculate point to point, ticker auto fill to multiple charts, zoom, cursor position shows price, trend lines carry to new timeframe charts........ java charts are perfect but they do not do futures.
  2. Try the "<>" and "><" buttons on the top left of SierraChart
  3. SierraChart is good, I use it. For the price of $40 per 6 months nothing beats it and it has enough features I need. It has a free trial so you can give it a try without paying anything. It works with IB.
  4. The same can be done with the up and down arrows. It's even faster.

    As far as time frames are concerned, you can have anything from 1 min to any number of minutes.
  5. what is the maximum # of charts that can be opened at the same time with sierra charts???
  6. The maximum # of charts? I don't know but I have ten charts open right now and thats more than I can keep track of at once. How many eyes do you have?? :)
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    Just open the chart, go to chart settings and change to whatever time frame you want.

    Open it again, do the same thing and change it to another time frame.

    Then Tile Vertically, or whatever to have it line up neatly.

    If you want your "studies" indicators to carry over to all of them, make sure to save a setup so it will be able to load to each new chart.
  8. Just enter a number... i.e. 3-5-7-10 and enter. No need to go to "chart settings" ...makes it much quicker. But I don't think that was the question.


    I'd like to know how to do Gann Fans in Sierra. (Correctly)
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    What happens if i have to restart my pc? Will Sierrachart plot the chart for these 'lost' minutes? (datafeed=IB)
  10. No, but myTrack would, for an extra $55 a month I guess and you get a bit more than what you can get from IB (TICK and TRIN, for instance). myTrack works with SC.
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