Sierra Chart Users? If you don't use Teton, how do you feel about 38% price rise?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by kiwi_trader, Mar 16, 2022.

  1. I hear ya. I think its pretty nonsense. For years they market themselves as supporting various brokers and datafeeds, pulling in new customers and forging a partnership with traders. Now because they are in the data feed and order routing business, they are very happy to throw away some customers who have no need for their datafeed or order routing.

    I'm annoyed about it because it has taken considerable effort to learn their non-standard and non user friendly software and all that effort I have put into it has just been wasted. Their programmers like to create what is easiest for them to program rather than intuitive to use.

    I expected the trader and trading platform vendor to be a partnership, but with Sierra customer support regularly tell you to go F yourself and go somewhere else. Worst customer support I have ever experienced in with any product anywhere in the world. I'm definitely using other products once my license expires.
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  2. Grantx


    I love how they are increasing by 38% but tell you the price is actually going down.
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  3. What is the alternative to Sierra, maybe Motivewave + dxfeed? But you would have to pay a similar price and to buy the software first ;). Same with Ninja. When using IB as your broker you have to buy Ninjatrader first to send orders. You could use IB´s datafeed what i don´t recommend. If you intend to use kinetick you have to pay more than $100 data fees for futures per month.
  4. I wouldn't even mind paying more for software if the company viewed our relationship as a partnership rather than the rude and arrogant responses from Anthony. Not to mention their regularly posting their conspiracy theory (Qanon, illuminatti, you name it) on their company support forums is completely unprofessional. I'm leaving on principle, even though I will end up probably paying more. I use CQG for data and routing.
  5. BTW, just noted that the Sierra has now hidden and locked the link from the original poster. I personally have had countless threads disappear like this from the SC forums over more than a decade of being a customer there.

    They like to sweep posts like this one under the rug, pretend it never happened. Great transparency into your product Sierra, real nice job.
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  6. @MidnKnight
    What software are you using?
  7. ZBZB

    ZBZB is $20 a month.
  8. hilmy83


    fuck sierra charts

    CQG datafeed is probably the best route at this point. haven't increased their 10 cents/contract routing fee. Plus you can use multitude of platforms with CQG login
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  9. Grantx


    I can summarise the gist of what it said:

    Kiwi: I'm reading through your confusing af material and it looks like you are increasing subscriptions by 38%. Is this true?

    Sierra: It's the government's fault. Politicians are screwing everything up worldwide. If you are not happy with our software then you are stupid and can just piss off. We are the best in the world. 38% is nothing and is actually a REDUCTION in monthly fees when you consider inflation. We are doing you a favour. Be grateful swine pig.

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