sierra chart synchronization problem

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by networm, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. networm


    I am using IB data feed (I have an account there) and often noticed significant delay between IB TWS last price and Sierra charts display. Today when the ES went down to 936, sierra still stuck at 942! And it even changes fewer ticks than IB's quote sometimes. What is the problem? My computer's clock is correct and nothing wrong in the message board.
  2. I don't have problems like that. You may be running too many programs that slow your computer down that much. Other than that, I really don't know what it could be. Try running fewer programs, add more memory, optimize your system, etc.
  3. I have just started, well trying , to use Sierra charts. Where and how the %*$@ do you find symbols ? I have read all of the help info and it did not help. I am looking for FTSE100 futures, DAX, CAC40, DJ Euro Stoxx50 and Euro Bund. When I enter what I think is a correct symbol I get a blank screen. :confused:
  4. alanack


    I'm experiencing a problem similar to the one described above. What do you mean by "optimize your system?"
  5. bora


    Do you guys know if sierrachart saves IB's yesterday data? So when you close the program after the market close and open it next day at the open, is yesterday's data lost?