Sierra Chart is free til 12/5

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by prox, Nov 21, 2002.

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  2. Anbody have the sign in procedure for the free trial on sierra charts until 12-5?

    I thought I saw it on the site but can't find it.


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    Just download the software and press the free trial button. You can only use data of three stocks (IBM,MSFT,DJI).
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    What do you think is better: Sierrachart ($40 six months) or Medved Quote tracker? Sierrachart looks good, but if you can get the same stuff for free, why pay?
  5. Appreciate the response, however, I trade the minis so that really doesn't do me much good. I think i may have found the user name (chartdemo)and password (123456). Guess I'll find out friday.


  6. I have quotetracker and would like to see what Sierra has to offer. What is is ~$5.75/month. Not really significant if ithas something that I prefer.

    Quotetracker is really good for a free program.
  7. QT has pretty charts but you can see only the current day -how can you trade w/o historical charts?
  8. Good point, precisely why I switched from QT to SC.
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    Sierra is slightly nicer , and when they come out with tick charts there won't be much comparison. Also, they have a boatload of indicators and can do indicator overlayed on top of each other in the same window (good for a fast sto + slow sto slingshot setup). Also a little more user friendly, but takes maybe a week to figure out how to use it well.

    QT is more user friendly for new people and their portfolio setup is very nice .. and works with a ton of brokerages.
  10. QT is absolutely great for a free program.... and the tech support is awesome - probably the best ive had anywhere. the lack of historical charts is a real bummer and ill probably go to SC after first of year.

    going to maui first:)
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