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    Can anyone out there let me know what the ticker symbol is on SierraCharts for those of us using IB as our data, me?

    I have tried TICK-NYSE.mnd, TICK.mnd, NYSE-TICK.mnd and various combinations but as yet I cant find one that works.

    The data shows fine in TWS but I cant get it any further than that.

    Any help much appreciated, as usual.

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    My god, that must be the fastest reply in the world.

    I thankyou.

  4. Hi,

    I was reading another thread, and heard about SierraChart. I'm looking at several charting programs, also to use with IB or myTrack.

    What do you like about SC?

    How does it compare with others you might have tried?

  5. Are you saying that TICK is available on IB now? I cannot seem to find it.
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    Littletwig - I used a couple of programs before Sierra, but just settled on Sierra because a) its cheap and excellent VFM b) it does everything I need it to. I dont need a host of indicators (although it has them), I just need to see price and volume.

    Its about $55CAD every 6 months, that suits me just fine.

    Tick is available on IB, along with TRIN. Try these in tws ticker symbols :


  7. Thanks, Got it on TWS but still cant get it on Sierra. Have tried TICK-NYSE-I-NYSE and TICK-NYSE-1-NYSE but neither seem to work.
  8. Easy,

    Have you updated SC to the latest version? TICK and TRIN have not been chartable until the latest revision.

    Good Luck
  9. :)
  10. Can IB/Sierra do Advance/Decline?
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