Siemens to cut 17,200 jobs

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    FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) -- Conglomerate Siemens AG, wracked by a wide-ranging corruption scandal, will cut up to 4 percent of its work force worldwide, or about 17,200 jobs, a pair of newspapers reported Saturday.


    I wonder how many will be in the U.S.? We should get hit hard due to the slowing economy.
  2. Funny, I just got a job offer from them here in Chicago.
  3. maxpi


    I used to work for them 15 years ago, wonderful employer, just way, way better than you would believe possible... but there were rumors of corruption even then.

    I think it was assumed by lots of employees that the higher ups were corrupt, even the lower level managers could be krappy and steal patent ideas and things like that but nonetheless they understood quality and they produced quality stuff all over the world at that time, I have not followed them at all in recent years...