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  1. strategy has possibly changed. Looks like its going to be a siege until reinforcements and supplies build up. Also gives air attack, special forces, and psyops more time to work. Remember its only been 9 days !

    Remember in Gulf War I there was nothing but air strikes for well over a month, and the amount of territory to be taken was much smaller. This time we rolled right in on the ground after only a couple of days, and in 7 days we already controlled 3/4 of all the land area of Iraq !

    The success of this mission so far is unprecedented and any reasonable person has got to be impressed.
  2. Agreed... the only thing we didn't plan for was the terrible weather and ground conditions. These people have been travelling through mud, wind, sandstorms, etc. and haven't had much sleep either. I saw an interview with one troop from the 3rd and he said he'd gotten 7 hours of sleep in 3 days of fighting and that was indicative of the entire fighting force. That didn't bode well for our invasion of Baghdad.
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    We rolled right into a trap Saddam set for us, and are backpedaling. Both Plan A (decapitation) and Plan B (storm) are already history, and we a left with Plan C (siege a.k.a. quagmire). If this is success, what is failure?
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    Lt. Gen. William Wallace, the commander of the Army forces in the Persian Gulf:

    "The enemy we're fighting is a bit different than the one we war-gamed against."
  5. You know what failure is? Failure is having the 5th largest military in the world and losing your entire country in a matter of months, which is what Sadam is facing right now.
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    happened to Poland in less than 3 weeks - in an equally criminal war of aggression
  7. Not in 3 weeks, but in over a month. Also, France had more time to get prepared for the attack, unlike Poland. At least 6 more months. Yet another reason why Poland lost the war to Hitler so quickly was an attack by the Soviet forces that helped Hitler by binding some Polish troops in the East. Remember that Hitler and Stalin were allies at that time. Finally, Poland has never signed an act of capitulation. So formally and legally, Poland has never lost that war, it just took her about 6 years to win it. It lost the first major battle that lasted about 5 weeks, but the war would continue. The guerilla resistance in Poland was tremendous and never ceased. The Polish Army was one of the few armies to enter Berlin in 1945, not to mention that Polish troops continued to fight Nazis in France, England, Belgium, Norway, and in the Middle East and Africa.