Siebert, Overstock, tZero execute LOI to offer discount trading (USD 2.95 per trade)

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  2. 1. Payment for order flow.
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    entire list?

  4. Sorry for being vague. What I’m asking is whether the USD 2.95 in view of those who have real experience with the companies is a real competitive offering, or whether we should expect to pay more than what we gain in terms of:

    - Payment for order flow
    - High margin rates
    - Customer service
    - Capitalization
    - Order execution
    - Order types
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    call them with exact questions. then post here to see if you received informative replies.
  6. time for IB to lower their commision. 1 cent a round turn is robbery in this market
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    Have you selected their Tiered Commission option? If not, and you meet their minimum transaction count requirements, you could cut your commission in half.
  8. Looks like no bargain until >300,000 shares. Maybe if you add liq most of the time its a bit cheaper
  9. Many advertisements, when you go to start session the system falls, I would not advise investing in this page nor a penny..
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