Sidewalk Rage: Mental Illness or 'Altruistic Punishment?'

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    People that walk straight at me are annoying... I am a cooperative personality type and I realized at one point that lots of people simply don't cooperate with others... I did an experiment, I'm a martial arts guy, not a pro, not a teacher but decades of lessons and learning and exercise and basically I'm not very averse to a bump or a fight, I never get in them but it's because I don't see the return on investment of time and energy.. so anyhow, I decided to be an uncooperative person for a day.. and people could sense it, some of them, and they would get out of my way.. one moron ran into me, a little shitty looking guy, and I just told him to watch where he's going the next time.... I sort of hoped he would want to take it outside because he looked like a real sour piece of shit and I already knew he was uncooperative...

    Women experience motion differently than men, they see the field of view as coming at them and men see themselves going through it... some women just don't realize they are headed at somebody and you just have to be polite... these college students around here will just jump off a bus and be busy talking and look right at me seemingly and expect me to move.. I found I can give them direction with my hand motions, sort of like i'm directing their energy around me and it works great... they aren't the kind of people looking for any trouble, they are just preoccupied...

    There is also the black woman in the mall giving the hate look and making me go around them cause they can phone up a gangsta' or two... that's a whole 'nuther crock of s%^t, I made a big to-do and went around one once and went straight into a mass of black guys that were walking behind her and they had no problem letting me slide between them, they saw the humor in it....
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    This kind of applies to this thread, so ill mention it, what really pisses me off is people who dont pay attention to your personal space when you are standing in a line. Like the other day i was with my buddy waiting in line at the grocery store, and some dickhead kept walking up behind us and literally standing like 2 inches from us. There was all kinds of room in the lineup, because he was the back of the line, my buddy noticed it as well, so the next time when the line was supposed to move up I stood stood there for just a second longer, then moved up a little closer to the person in front of us, and the second I took 1 step foreword there he would be 2 inches from you again. The guy seemed to be an old guy who looked a little rough around the edges so I didnt say anything cause i assumed there was something wrong with him, but I cant stand people like that, or else close talkers who get right in your face when they are talking to you.
  4. Try this. You're driving down a two way road, no barricade just lanes one each way. Watch the cars that veer towards you even
    cross the center line. Check in your drivers side mirror right after they pass and sure enough their tires are on the white line. Alot like people who walk towards you. It gets to where human nature is expressed most fully out on the road.
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    I used to go to a lake which was basically as far north as the road would go, and once you got onto these gravel roads for the last couple hours it was basically 1 and a half lanes wide, so when you drove if you saw someone coming you both pulled off as much as you could into the ditch and passed each other slowly but then when the loggers from up there would bomb down the road in their gigantic trucks they would go full throttle, and you were left with the option of either hitting the ditch or getting smashed head on by a vehicle five times your size.
  6. Were you perhaps wearing that irresistible Axe cologne I keep hearing so much about on TV?
  7. Ridiculous!
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    LOL, maybe.......... In my head though i try to convince myself it was just my devilishly good looks. :D
  9. I used to have to be places on time, so I always walked fast. If people walked slowly, so be it -- but it was so aggravating, the people who drift left and right, or walk side by side so you can't get around them, or meander an unpredictable path towards you looking every way except where they are walking and then look surprised someone is right in front of them. It's like some kind of stupidity that they are not aware of other humans and how simple it would be to solve the problem.

    Now I have a bad leg, and I walk slowly. But I walk along the sides, look over my shoulder before changing my path, and let everyone else get on the stairs before me. When walking with someone, we walk single to single-and-half file. Mostly it's my own self-interest to avoid falling or painfully overstretching my ankle/knee/hip or some jerk bumping into me, but everyone benefits. Very simple habits and 1 mg of consideration that cost me nothing and solve the problem for me and other pedestrians.
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    This really make me sick that Axe odor. When my brother have friends in the house, some wear this. I tell them to stay away from my room. :D
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