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    I'm wondering what kind of jobs some of you career traders held down as noobs to pay the bills. Any feedback is good, but if some people with futures experience could chime in it would be great.
  2. To pluck down 25...50..100k plus to trade and be able to lose all that...I'm going to guess that most the people here that trade full time came from a high paying job before they started trading.

    Most probably come from a tech, medical, engineering field.

  3. or law...
  4. Or sales.:)
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    You have got to be kidding! What kind of things did u need to do? I can't imagine what sort of women you had encounters with!
  6. You should be doing the other way around. Have a good paying full time job, and do trading as your side job.
  7. Or you could follow the plan of a guy that I started with and is now VERY successful.

    1. Save up enough cash for the minimum deposit at a prop shop.

    2. Conveneiently get yourself fired from your current job, and collect unemployment checks for the next six months.

    3. Move to the west coast to take advantage of early trading hours.

    4. Get a part-time job bartending.

    5. take a commission based sales job.

    Work your ass off to make it happen. His week was:

    5:30AM-1:00PM Trading
    1:00PM-5:00PM Sales job, mon-wed
    8:00PM-1:00AM bartend, thur-sat.

    This should get you through the first 6 months.... if you are not making considerable progress you should think about doing something else. Everyone will tell you that you need to be properly capitalized to get started. All you need is the heart and desire, and if you are not willing to do everything thats possible, you probably won't make it anyway.

    And no, this isn't the will smith movie, as I like my guys story even better.

    Good luck.
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    out of curiousity, what was the sales job? I only ask because I had/have a very similar idea.
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    Don't like the commisioned sales job part. I've had my fair share of them and they usually end up working long hours to make your monthly quota.
  10. i was a software engineer and still do some side work from time to time. if i decide to stop trading or my group does'nt get large enough i at least have something to fall back on.
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