Sicktrader VS TraderZone / Blowinski 10K Challange

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sicktraderII, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Well boys, I have seen enough, it’s time to put your money where your mouth’s are. After closing my last thread, I was pleasantly surprised as to the numbers of interested folks here in my outlook on trading. As many of you know, there are two big time douches here that pretend to know how to trade, and in the meantime rip everyone else who may or may not know how to trade. Rather than presenting a journal with a few pissing monkeys as a defense, I would rather be able to shout “SCOREBOARD” to those detractors. Kind of like the response to the idiot who celebrates a touchdown despite being down 45-7.

    With this in mind, I INVITE TRADER ZONES AND BLOWINSKI TO A 10K (REAL MONEY) CHALLENGE. I WILL WAGER 10K FOR EACH OF YOUR 10K THAT AFTER 90 DAYS I WILL HAVE INCREASED MY BANKROLL BY A LARGER PERCENTAGE THAN YOU. Naturally, since I use $720/contact, and you guys use somewhere around 20K/contract [​IMG]I would suggest paper trading for your sake. Keep in mind that the loser has to pony up 10K, so there will be real cash on the line. I would expect that WE COULD FIND A SPONSOR HERE AT ET, one that has $500 margins, to offer us a paper/real money platform, whichever you prefer.

    Oh, and guys, feel free to use the programs that you sell (or try to) on C2. [​IMG][​IMG]I could probably just fade both of programs and win[​IMG], but no, I’ll do it my way.

    I will go one on one with each of you, and to whomever beats me, I will give them 10K. However, whoever loses to me (most likely both of you), will either give me 10K, or use “Sicktrader is a smarter and more advanced trader than I” as your signature for a year. Not sure which I prefer at this point, probably the latter, and I’ll give you the same option as well.

    Well, let’s see if you guys can walk the talk. [​IMG]
  2. spinn


    who is blowinsky????????????
  3. Pekelo


    Not really much of a challenge, you could make 1% and still win the challenge.

    I offer 720 to 1 odds that this will never take off... :)

    Start the damn Twitter already, stop messing around here!

    P.S.: You probably haven't realized, but there are few people here who would offer you money to trade for them, if you ever got serious and start trading. Just a thought...All they want is a steady 10% a month...
  4. martymjp


    Perhaps this is one thread that bwolinky or traderzones will not respond to. The challenge will most likely never take place but it does separate those with balls versus the blowhards.
  5. CTan


    Who is traderzones?

    Is he Mark Douglas here on elite trader?