SickTrader and his viral marketing campaign

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  1. Sicktrader/sicktraderII - his viral marketing campaign.

    He mentioned he already is on Twitter, T2W, ET, StrategyRunner (an audit site for professionals venfors). He has shock titles. He spent days building up hype about his "coming trades. he said he would post videos of entries/exits and broker statements, neither of which ever came.

    He lives on here and his thread stays among the most actives constantly. How is he different from Doug Allen and "trade my money" (while I build my forum and website from ET traffic)???

    Is this how a non-commercial "Journal" writer behaves if he has no interest in creating a commercial service?

    Why is ET so blind to this? If they kept deleting his threads three times a day, sicko would give up because he could not build the following and start his own commercial enterprise on ET's dime. (which is what the terms of use are supposed to prohibit).

    He mentions he gets a number of PMs. And now pushes out to Twitter, so he is no longer in ET's ability to prevent commercial use, but remains an avenue to push up his free web traffic.

    He already was proven a liar when he claimed to own a top 500 builder/construction site, thus he "did not need a money" In a couple of days, that became "need trading for a source of income."

    He was already banned and had 2 threads deleted.
  2. Mods, Baron:

    TraderZones is becoming OUT OF CONTROL. He has assumed the right to be the ET police, harrassing anyone who he deems as potentially a spammer. Its one thing to report obvious spam infringements, its another thing to take it upon yourself to be the judge and the jury.

    Put the reigns on this guy, will ya? At least let him know that its NOT his job to be the police. He is so power hungry that he is destroying threads and pissing many people off in the process.

  3. traderzones is right, and youre a moron. all sicktrader does is promote himself with stupid posts everyday and even starting the same new post 3 times, hes and idiot, and you are too for defending him being an idiot.
  4. This issue goes WAY beyond SickTrader, this is just the LATEST example of Zones thinking he is the god damn ET police.

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    A couple of points. TraderZones has been very helpful in a number of cases pointing out things and drawing attention to problem areas, and for that I thank him. But he obviously annoys you so best to put him on Ignore since you seem to follow him wherever he goes, from thread to thread (and Feedback), complaining about him all the time. It's not worth your aggravation, life's too short, so unless you're addicted to the drama why not make better use of the Ignore function. I suggest that to any who are bothered by his confrontational approach, and I've strongly made the same recommendation to the OP.

    I've reviewed many of his posts in the sicktrader thread(s) and TraderZones has been civil, professional, all the while challenging the OP's trading philosophy and agenda. And there's nothing wrong with that as long as it's done without personal attacks. Others on the thread, however, have added to the clutter there by continually resorting to personal attacks rather than keep their focus on the trading. But ultimately I think it comes down to the essence of all sicktrader threads as best described by him:

  6. Are you smoking crack? TraderZones is one big PERSONAL ATTACK. That is my ENTIRE point. If I told you, Magna, that you were a fraud and that you are a liar and a scammer, you don't consider those words to be a personal attack? Just because he doesn't drop F bombs doesn't mean he isn't personally attacking anyone and everyone he encounters.


    Look, fine, if you want him around to sniff out crime, that's cool. I get it. Many many people have told him to stop clogging up threads, get a life, it's not your problem, stop policing etc etc etc etc etc etc. I figured, considering all these, that I would comment here and address the REAL mods. Apparently you guys don't find it as annoying as me so you won't hear me complain again about TZ.

    PS I post on a TON of other topics not which the least have anything to do with your boy TZ. I find it pretty immature to take a swipe at me when my only intentions were to speak up for the many others who have said the same things I posted on this very thread.

  7. mxjones


    TraderZones is right about SickTrader and most others he calls out.
  8. JScott


    When you talk to people like this, especially when they are being civil and trying to make a bigger point, it shows that you are not a value-add member to this community.

    TZ may be civil in his posts, and he may be right all the time, some of time or none of the time - who cares? I think the issue is the number of posts.

    People start journals to cover information they want to. People don't have to read. TZ can post and call out the OP if he wants. But does he really have to do it over and over and over. Of course I use the Ignore, but it still makes the journal(s) a piece of crap.

    Why does anybody have to update a journal 5-10 times a day? How about TZ confine himself to a few times per week at least. The point still get across. It's like he's starving for attention. And that's why he is MUCH worse than a half-baked OP. At least we know the OP wants attention, that's why they started a freakin' thread.

    Give us all a break.

    Keep trading.

  9. Good God - I've seen everything now. You are an administrator of this forum and you are defending Trader Zones? Now I know why this forum has fallen to the depths of uselesness. Geez magna, wake up. Or are you as sick a person as Trader Zones? He is nothing but a sick, embittered, internet psycho - and you are defending him. That person has nothing better to do then spread his bile on just about every thread that is started here. He lives to kill threads - how frickin' clueless do you have to be not to understand this?
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    Please understand, I didn't say the man was a saint. And, truth be told, I don't see the majority of his posts on ET as he has over 4,000 and averages about 8 per day. But in Feedback and thru use of the Complain button he has brought attention to a number of situations that might have been missed, and that's what I was referencing. Moderators can't stay on top of everything and active members assist us in many ways. The posts I saw on the thread in question were in many cases legitimate responses to the OP's atypical and often confounding approach, and while confrontational didn't step over the line. To some they did, and rather than attack or endlessly complain it would have reduced clutter there if those offended simply used the Ignore feature. In any case, thanks for your comments and I will carefully review any of his posts that are brought to my attention to make sure he complies with our Member Conduct Rules.
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