Sick of day trading and commisions!!! what next?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by burntem, Mar 15, 2006.

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    I work for a day trading firm called Hold Brothers. I am sick of working for commisionsa and scalping the market. I see no future in it and want to work for a place with more opportunity. I have my licenses and degrees from a good school with mediocre (3.1) GPA. Just started turning a profit at Hold but feel like its a firm of low lifes and shady people. You have a heartbeat and fingers to hit the keyboard you can get a job here. I want to move up on the food chain but want to know if anyone knows what else is out there. I enjoy trading but looking to open my horizons and advance myself. Hold is no good!! I want I salary and steadier income and want to trade stocks from a different vantage point rather than the scalping game (horse races as far as I'm concerned).:confused:
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    ebo you are a tool.
  4. In the US securities business...
    The higher up the "food chain" you go...
    The more "low lifes" and "shady people" you encounter.


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  5. Are you forced to just scalp all day long? Are you not allowed to trade your own style?
  6. Dude, You are no better than anyone at HOLD, if you were you'd already be working at Goldman.
    Why dont you just step up your game make some money and be happy. I know several cool guys banking 6 figures a year at HOLD. Not too bad for a bunch of "low lifes shaby people" as you call them.
    I bet you dont even make enough to cover your lunch
  7. Hold or even any prop firm for that matter they are there merely to provide the infastructure with which you can make or lose $. Calling them sleaze is probably unfair. Unless of course they hold back your cap, charge you more than you agreed to,etc. I just joined their office in NJ and am pleasantly suprised at the service. (except for the shitty API documentation.).I do agree with you that it is a dead end job but I would think 90% of the real world out there are dead end jobs. Furthermore, that does not mean you can't do well in a dead end job.
  8. I work at Hold too, I wouldnt have been able to get where I am now if it wasnt for them giving me an opportunity to trade their money 2+ years ago. Trading is hard, the market is very tough these days. It sounds like you are sick of trading, not sick of Hold Bros. You obviously dont understand the business model of how prop firms work...there is no salary! If you didnt know this going in, then thats your fault. I think its very misleading to new traders when people post threads like this calling out a firm, saying its shitty, but not really having a valid reason.

    Plus, if you want to trade the way you want to, then put up your own money! No one is going to let you trade your way (which I am sure is unproven) on their dime. Scalping the market may be annoying to you, but there are many of us out there that do just fine.