Sick kids on Medicaid wait much longer for care

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    Things are only going to get worse. Ever seen socialized medicine work before?

    How long do you wait in the UK or Canada for a needed operation?
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    Agreed! What a mess we've ALLOWED the washington bureaucrats to pull!
  3. I guess now we have no choice but to stop smoking, eat right and exercise regularly.
  4. so what are you trying to say. these kids would be better off with no care at all? that is the other option.
  5. The typical wait for an appointment was 20 days in the private coverage group and 42 days for Medicaid-CHIP.


    There's a deficiency here and not necessarily money. 20 days is too long for private pay.
  6. Another thing. Skip an appointment with private pay and you'll get billed for cancelling an appointment wihtout notice.

    Anyone want to take a guess if medicaid patients show up late, or don't show up at all. What Doctor needs that aggravation,hence the Drs get no shows and reduced rate treating medicaid patients.
  7. No mystery about why this is occurring. The article leaves out the key fact that Medicaid reimbursement rates have been cut yearly to the point they are so far below the private market or Medicare that almost no medical providers can afford to accept it. Providers are free to charge no show fees to patients with any kind of insurance.

    In Chicago, just about the only Medicaid providers are hospitals or public clinics for the poor. The clinics are being defunded and cannot afford to operate on the reduced fees. We are going 3rd world basically.

  8. you think its better in the usa? think again. this is an insured blue cross example. family member wanted to consult with a gastroenterology specialist. it took 12 weeks to get an appointment. the specialist consulted and decided to do an endoscopy to rule out any problems. basically look into stomach with a camera. took 2 more weeks to get in.

    now comes the fun part. the procedure less than 1 hour. nothing was found. clean bill of health. the bill. 4200 from the hospital. 900 from the lab. 1000 from the specialist.
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