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Discussion in 'Psychology' started by JORGE, Mar 21, 2003.

  1. JORGE


    Not making a political statement, but does anyone else find it kind of sick that we are rallying this hard while we watch a city being obliterated? Finding it emotionally difficult to trade.
  2. It serves the evil Iraqis right for defying us... they deserve what we are giving em... I just made a neat little pile of $$ on this bombing rally :cool: ... thanks Saddam, ya just bought me a few expensive meals out...
  3. qdz2


    Analysts/advisors would call me a traitor if I feel the same way you do.

    By the way, I'd like to hear when you will start to feel sick even when you have no wrong positions.


  4. JORGE


    For the record I support the war and I am making money today. I guess I was just experiencing a little "Shock and Awe".
  5. Apart from military personnel, some innocent human beings died, and you experience the thrill of making money.

    And they say Saddam is a monster.
  6. Grow up Optional777... if ya dont wanna trade, then don't... I am trading and doin' OK out of this... trade da action man!

    An important rule when trading is psychological emotional detachment... learn to develop it... it helps!
  7. You know, I just watched Art Cashin. He didn't look happy, as he is adult enough to know that money isn't everything at times like these.

    You come off as self centered and heartless as anyone I have ever seen.

    It is you job to trade, fine. Taking pleasure in it at the expense of death and destruction of others is inhumane.
  8. I trade, I make money... I try to be a robot when in a trade, and enjoy the fruits of my labor if the trade works out... PERIOD...

    My emotions are kept in check when in the trade... this is dam important in my opinion...
  9. You can be intellectually dishonest with yourself as much as you like. It is obvious to others, however, your sense of denial.
  10. Since when did you care about innocent human beings? After all, you've stated quite plainly that 200 innocent lives mean nothing to you when released murderers kill again; as a matter of fact, you've stated it is indicative of a successful prison rehabilitation program!

    Add "hypocrite" to Optional's bio, next to "liar," "slanderer," and "coward."
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