Sick Children

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  1. Wife took 4 year old son to pediatrician yesterday for his annual checkup..
    He was healthy as a horse, feeling great..
    They took his temperature, heart rate, ears, eyes, everything...
    He hadn't been sick in like 8 months...

    Today...he's sick with a fever and a cough..

    What the fuck is that shit?

    Doctor Dirtyhands?

    I'm wondering if I shouldn't be pissed about this...but I am...

    Am I overrreacting?
  2. maxpi


    Most things take a couple of weeks [something like that I think] before they show symptoms.
  3. No..incubation is generally 12 to 48 had been almost exactly 24 hrs...

    It could be anything, but for some reason, I suspect it's the hospital/doctor's office...

    and that pisses me off...
  4. Many doctor's offices have a "well child" and "sick child" entrance and waiting room precisely to avoid having the sick children infect the healthy ones. Did yours?

    If it didn't, I would change right away.
  5. Wait till he starts school, it gets worse. Re Dr office, wash his hands and face when you leave there. Are you over reacting? I don't think so, my first thoughts were, kid gets sick at a Dr office, it figures.
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    Where is his office?

    This is a job for Travis Bickle.

  7. Lots of germs floating around a doctors office. It's not all bad when kids get sick on occasion as it helps strengthen their immune system.
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    I see that incubation periods range down to the 24 hour range, my bad, again.

    Kid's need to get workouts for their immune systems though. Some diseases will travel in the US, where they immunize like crazy, to the Mexican border, where they don't immunize, and stop. The Mexicans acquire immunity the old fashioned way.

    Probably learning about nutrition and remedies to try to have a good outcome when a kid is sick would be a good thing all in all.

    How can you blame the doctor when the waiting room is likely the point of infection?
  9. poopoo is pissed. watch out.

    complete coincidence. get pissed over smthg worse getting pissed about
  10. Yes. Your kid must not go to preschool. Then you'll love the kindergarten stage. Kids drag all kinds of sickness home when they get around other kids day in and day out. Just part of the parental duty dealing with it. Better that they build up immunity now while they are young and healthy.

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