Shut Down ARCA

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Lobster, Apr 4, 2003.

  1. Does anyone here know a feasible way to take out ARCA? I'm past the point where I would want to see someone take responsibility. All I want is never to see ARCA again.

    Any ideas?
  2. Interesting. Can you explain? I trade the SPY exclusivley and if it wasnt for ARCA I wouldnt make a dime.
  3. i tried arca on the spy's the other day and had 4 minute cancellations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know the specialist can hold arca orders on the nyse...maybe the amex specialist can also.... i know i will not be using arca again for any amex security. i have seen some bad quotes on arca today.
  4. Boy howdy! Have you taken a look at MMM? It's sad.
  5. I use Redi + and today ARCA is not visible, they said it was a system wide issue. No way I would initiate a trade on the NYSE or AMEX in the SPY. Not in a day trade anyhow.

  6. i think you may have confused what i was saying. i used arca to trade the spy's the other day...i had to wait 4 minutes to get confirmation that my order had been cancelled. the only other time i have had to wait so long for a fill/cancellation is when i used arca on a listed/nyse stock...i.e, the specialist could actually hold my arca order....i had no idea they could do this till I called our trading desk and they explained what had happened.
  7. Gotcha, that may explain why I got filled on an order yesterday that I had cancelled...the order dissapeared from the montage but got filled minutes later....luckily it went my way!
  8. Momento


    Damn specialists...

  9. Arca just has too much on it;s plate....NASDAQ is the one who keeps shutting them off for not responding, i guess the redi merger isn't so great after all
  10. true..I used to direct all trades to Island before the merger and that was the best. So freakin liquid you could stick a straw in the montage and take a sip!
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