Shreveport, LA -- Ugh!!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. I'm in Shreveport, LA right now -- what a shithole. I am here for training, but there is absolutely nothing here. The hotel bar has nobody in there -- the nearest place is about a mile down the road and it is a blockbuster rental store (whoppie!).

    No chicks -- no clubs -- no cool bars.

    Why couldn't I have gone to New Orleans? Like bourbon street ...

    I'm so lonely ...
  2. I'm in Santa Monica, let's do lunch tomorrow.
  3. Go to the Bossier Strip. Life will improve.

    My cousins are all married, or I would help you out.

    I graduated high school just 30 miles south of Shreveport, in Mansfield.

    There is not much going on in Shreveport for sure, but go across the river and things will get better. They even have some riverboat casinos.

    And there is a fantastic catfish resturant up on Cross Lake, ask around, I can't recall the name.

  4. Thanks :cool: I went to Chilli's near here and one of the locals told me to go to the Horseshoe Casino ... Things are definately looking up. :cool:
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    A FOOL AND HIS MONEY........
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    New Orleans?

    I just got back from there last night and I was thinking the same about that place. I made the mistake of staying on the northeast side of town. It was like living in a poverty stricken third world country.
  7. Louisiana is in some ways a 3rd World country.

    State motto: "Thank God for Mississippi."

    OTOH-I lived in Lake Charles for 4 years and loved it and may go back.