Shows For Traders To Unwind (I mean relax!) After After-Hours Trading!

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  1. I try to avoid anything related to World Finance after ten hours of sitting in front of four monitors.

    "Orange Is the New Black" good show if you don't mind a bit of naked ladies getting it on.

    "House of Cards"


  2. Breaking Bad
    Family Guy
    South Park
  3. Started Season Three of "Breaking Bad", love all the others shows except I have not watched "Dexter".

    How graphic is it? I heard by everyone who watches it, it's more addictive than trading the Markets! Good List!
  4. Dexter is moderately graphic. For example, it will show Dexter stabbing a guy in the heart once, but generally leaves gorier stuff to the imagination by inference, then the next moment he's at his fishing boat diposing of body parts already bagged up. The show is kind of addictive because it has a great story that evolves with Dexter's character and kind of keeps you guessing not knowing exactly if Dexter will get caught, or how he will handle certain situations (like if certain people will be bubble wrapped). Michael C. Hall is a really good actor that's very believable for the character he portrays.
  5. bbw porn?
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    I prefer sex to TV for stress relief, but then admittedly I am a little old fashioned.
  7. You mean with the wife?
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  9. Bond Trader "Orange is the new Black" has plenty of Female on Female activity. A not-so-close family member works at Chowchilla Super max Prison below Sacramento, California . He said "Orange to Black" is too mellow, the nasty stuff he has broken up over the last twenty-plus years, beyond hard-core porn, the women who are incarcerated at Chowchilla Prison could eat any porn-star alive!

    " House of Cards", it's hard to fathom a politician can be so evil, they are civil servants who would never do the things Kevin Spacey does :). Great Show for Traders!
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    Orange/Black really not that much girl girl stuff, the story is the sell.

    Dexter awesome.
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