Show what you got in a simulator

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by callmeput, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Hi! Do you know if there are any firms that let you trade online in a simulator to see if they need you?


  2. No
  3. Ebo


    You can try this place for a simulator.
  4. Well they should :)
  5. yeah.... uh, okay.

    If you got money, I know quite a few firms who will take you.
  6. Ebo


    I will fund you prove to me you can trade!
    (terms to be determined)

    You have until Friday at 4 PM to send me 3 winning trades.
  7. If I show Delta how I do on Microsoft flight simulator using a 747 and taking off from Dulles Airport, do you think they would let me fly a plane for real just based on that?
  8. MS flight simulator is the real deal...I'd say go for it!:D
  9. I just tend to crash planes when I play MS Flight Simulator :p

    Always loved trying to hit people in mid-air with the 2004. I hope they release a 2006 version.
  10. Ebo


    CALLMEPUTZ must be busy on the Fryolator for the late lunch shift!

    Don't say I did not offer to fund a total stranger, all he had to do was show me he can trade.

    I think I will just lease a Mister Softee truck to look @ Yummee Mommies in the suburbs!
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