Show us your best EA

Discussion in 'Forex' started by ElectricSavant, Dec 3, 2010.

  1. This is it...your moment of fame!

    No posts with just results only...You must post your EA in this thread. All other posts will be deleted...sorry

    You just might get your EA archived in the Library on the largest most successful & experienced Trading Forum on the Internet! Don't you want to be written in the book of ET and gain eternal trading success?

  2. Thanks for this awesome thread ES!

    I would love to post here. But unfortunately I don't really have something really successful to show at the moment.

    Looking forward to see the top experts, the hall of fame!
  3. Thanks...the groundwork is layed and there is no hurry. Finding a good EA is tough in the public domain. But if you get the right settings and combine the correct EA's there might be chance for consistent profit...

    I currently am forward-testing 7 EA's. But it takes time to get enough confidence to believe in them and to understand them.


  4. kent


    Just curious. Why would anyone put a good, working, money making EA in a public domain? I am also developing/testing few EAs of my own but most failed in forward testing or results were not great.

    If an EA is good in backtesting for lst 3 years, is it a good sign or forward testing is the only sure thing?

  5. There are forums filled with EA's...are they profitable no...

    but with the right settings...

    Well I am still looking☺


    P.S. I am testing 7 of them currently...I get excited to later get let down.

    P.P.S. are most welcome to post even a "smidgeon of profit type of EA" here...If you dropped the project how would it hurt you? You might get some ideas!

  6. I still use Buru with my broker IBFX.
    Buru rocked a lot in the beginning, but now is kinda slowing down.

    If it gets the curve, I'll post some charts and what I did to modify it a bit a bot ;-)