Show Me The Money (Reprint from last May)

Discussion in 'Economics' started by NoBailOutBoy, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. I'm running this thread again, still waiting.

    05-27-09 04:33 PM

    Where is the newly printed Trillion Dollars?

    I may rely heavily on my ATM card, but I'm no virgin to $100.00 bills either. Since I began hearing about the Treasury's new printing effort I've been waiting to see a new Ben Franklin with our pal Tim's name on it. None to date.

    Since I was planning to get new tires and needed some Memorial Day cash anyway, I went to my local B of A branch and withdrew $1200.00. When asked how I would like my cash I replied - "Preferably in One Hundreds, but I am specifically interested in bills signed by Timothy Geithner."

    In less than a minute I had 3 other tellers searching their drawers, the bank manager, and about 6 customers pondering the question and looking in their pockets. It turns out that all had yet to see a new "Bill by Tim" and only 1 teller had even thought about it and had been looking.

    So where is this new money? Is there a Trickle Down effect? How long will that take?

    Did it get shipped directly to China mixed in with a load of copper?

    Or, does it exist solely on the "Books" much like the value of Toxic Assets with clever Mark to Imagination Accounting?

    I realize it hasn't been very long since the presses ran so please go lightly (but not too lightly) on the sarcastic remarks.

    ADDENDUM: 12-17-09