shouldnt we do what we did in the 30's

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  1. shouldnt we do what we did in the 30's... and
    start a war?

    and i mean a big one... it helped in the 30's...

    thats my answer
  2. Have you enlisted in the US military yet? :cool:
  3. morreo


    A. We didn't start a war. In fact, we were pretty much dragged into it.

    B. We made most of our money by supplying to foriegn countries. So perhaps we should let the rest of the world get in a war while we watch.
  4. well someone needs to start it... we should at least instigate something.
  5. We didn't nuke the whales in the 30's and we shouldn't now :mad:
  6. There is noting funny or amusing about war.
  7. what about a good ole fashioned arms race? are those obsolete?
  8. Folks...check the papers. Didn't we start a war in 2003?
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    rest of world should simply isolate usa :D
  10. Interesting idea. If that policy had started in 2000 we would still have a nice World Trade Center.
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