Shouldn't France be defined as a currency manipulator

Discussion in 'Forex' started by dont, May 17, 2006.

France a currency manipulator

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  1. Yes

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  1. dont


    After Mon Bretton comments
  2. No. I think his comments are right in line with what he should be saying. The upmove in the EUR is absurdly insane at this point. There are no fundamentals supporting this massive move up. And please don't quote me the ol' current account crap.

    If there were fundamentals supporting this move, I would side with you. But there aren't, and France knows it. They are protecting against a massive upswing in a currency that has no right taking itself that high just because market sentiment "feels" like it should go there.
  3. Why knock anyone who gives traders free money?

    More of the same please.
  4. I know. There's been some 'excellent' moves over the last month :D
  5. TGM


    I concur. I prefer gifts of this kind on a daily basis. Or at least once a week.
  6. I think you're both arguing a different point of view from what I can see. (James and Lon)

    Regardless, I'm responding to the question of whether France should be considered a "manipulator". And my answer is no. If I were France, I'd have said the same thing.