Shoulda Been Filled

Discussion in 'Options' started by Arnie Guitar, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. Placed a 10/10 credit spread Put order on the S&P Friday, limit .40.
    At the time, the spread was .45.
    Went as wide as .50, still no fill.
    The order expired unfilled.
    I know Friday was a s l o w day,
    but I placed the order early...:mad:
    At the close, the spread was .50...
    and there was plenty of volume...

    No big deal, there must have been orders in front of me that got filled first....

    yeah right.:mad:

    Man, this stuff is fixed like Pro 'Rasslin'...:D :p


    Can you name Milwaukee's Favorite son,
    The Wrestler who made Milwaukee Famous? (RIP)
  2. Looks like "The Crusher" to me. Wasn't Dick the Bruiser from Milwaukee as well?
  3. Butterbean?
  4. Yep, Dat's "Da Crusher", Reggie Lisowski.
    Often teamed with "Da Bruiser", Dick Afflis(sp?) who I think was from the windy city.


    Sorry for going off of the options topic, but it is Saturday night...

    and my order shoulda been filled.
  6. If it makes you feel any better Arnie a wise Market Maker said..... the "best" trades don't get filled. Be suspicious when you get filled early and often :p
  7. Well, looks like a good thing I wasn't filled.
    With today's big move, it's a great opportunity,
    but I'm not smart enough. :(

    I'm sitting with a 1320/1325 Dec put credit spread,
    and a 1435/1440 Dec call credit spread.

    I'd like to take another put spread position,
    but I'm afraid of this downward momentum,
    and the added recent runup, I would think we're gonna
    have some retracement here.

    We'll see...
  8. Yah I was wondering why you'd be SHORTING puts at this late stage in the rally.

    Seems that the trading gods were on your side.

  9. I'm sorry, did you say something?